It's been a long time since I posted a 'torrent tracker' list, so I decided to post one now. The list below will be different than others, because I'll be organizing trackers by category. This will make looking for a good tracker easier and fuss-free.

I won't cover all categories, but I'll try my best to cover the most used ones. Enjoy the list, and be sure to tell your friends about it!

Anime (Recommended)(Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private)

Applications (Public) (Public) (Public) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (MAC App Tracker)(Private)

Games (Public) (Recommended)(Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private)

General (Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Public) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private)(Check out my blog for invites) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private)

HD (Private) (Private) (Recommended)(Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private)

Movies (Public) (Recommended)(Public) (Public) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private)

Music (Public) (Public) (Public) (Recommended)(Public) (Public) (Public) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private)

Search Engines

TV Shows (Public) (Public) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Private) (Recommended)(Private) (Private)(Documentaries)

If you'd like an invite to any of the trackers above, check out this or this tutorial. Feel free to post this list anywhere as long as you give credits. Enjoy this great list of top-notch trackers!

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My previous post showed you how to block most unwanted IPs, and if you've followed that tutorial, you won't need to do this one. But doing both the previous method and the following one will keep you completely safe from virus-infected files and seeders.

This method is mainly used for uTorrent, and it will only work for it. If you're not a heavy torrent downloader, I don't think you'll need to follow this guide at all. What an IP Filter basically does is it blocks most spyware torrent uploaders from being able to seed to you. If you start downloading a torrent from one of these blocked uploaders, the IP Filter will automatically stop downloading the torrent.

This can be very useful, because nowadays there are a lot of bad uploaders who just want to spy on other people or break down their computers with a deadly backdoor trojan. Hopefully, this tutorial will show you how to completely block these bad torrents and keep you safe from spyware and viruses.

1. Download the latest IP Filter from here.

2. Go to Start>Run and type %AppData%/uTorrent in the box.

3. Once the folder is open, copy and paste the ipfilter.dat. Make sure uTorrent is closed when you do this.

4. That should be it. To make sure your IP Filter is working properly, open uTorrent and click on the Logger tab.

5. Right after you load uTorrent, a message should appear in the Logger tab, similar to the one in the picture. If this does appear, your IP Filter is working perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned something new. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please feel free to post a comment.

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P2P Heaven On WordPress!

I just completed moving P2P Heaven to WordPress. I will not be deleting this blog, and I will still post on both blogs. I'm still in the process of editing it, so stay tuned for more!!

Here's the link:

I also made a forum where you can chat with other people and ask questions regarding P2P.

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Finally, our favorite open registrations checker is back with a new update. This update has a couple of new features such as:

  • Complete Redevelopment
  • Huge Performance Enhancements
  • Fast Parallel Searching
  • Tracker description on MouseHover
  • Custom Icons
  • Advanced Conditions for accurate results
  • Filters
  • Grouped View (Detailed View)
  • Find function
  • Automatic Tracker Importer (Adder)
  • Ads
  • Automatic Updates
Overall it's a great update, and, thankfully, they've added a good bunch of options to this release.


If you don't know how to setup ORC yourself, you can check this post for a complete and easy-to-follow guide. Don't forget to check back frequently for more great tutorials on P2P Heaven!

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Welcome to the second part of my exclusive and easy-to-follow DVD ripping tutorial. This tutorial is mainly going to cover three points related to uploading your movie:

A. Capturing Screenshots Of Your Movie

B. Making Your Own .NFO File

C. Uploading Your Movie to a Torrent Site or to RapidShare

I'm going to start with screen capturing. This is usually done to show downloaders the quality of your movie. This isn't necessary, but I recommend it to people who want more downloads. By now, you should have Image Grabber II installed on your computer. If you don't, just download it using the link provided.

1. Open Image Grabber II.

2. Go to File>Open File.

3. Browse for your ripped movie, and then click "Open".

4. Pause the video, and click on the small monitor icon to the right of the red stop button.

5. A small box should pop-up. Type the number "12" in the box and click "OK".

6. Once it's completed capturing random frames from your movie, go to File>Save File and follow the settings in the pictures below.

After adding the settings in the previous picture, click on "Arial" to setup the font properties.

7. Once this is all done, just click on the "Save" button.

Now upload it to an image host like XXLIMG and you're screen cap file is ready!

The next step is creating your .NFO file which contains info about the movie (length, size, resolution etc..). This is also an optional step, but it makes you feel like a pro DVD ripper!

1. Download AVI2Clipboard and install it.

2. Right-click on your movie and go to AVI2Clipboard>Save to Clipboard (Normal).

3. This should copy your movie info to the clipboard. To see the info, go to a notepad file and press Ctrl + V. Here's an example of my NFO:

4. Finally, save your file as (yourtexthere.nfo).

The last step is uploading your file to a torrent tracker or to RapidShare. If you want to upload it to a torrent tracker, you can check out this tutorial. If you want to upload your movie to RapidShare, you can follow this quick tutorial. Make sure you have WinRAR installed before proceeding.

1. Go to your movie, right-click on it and select "Add to Archive".

2. Once it's open, apply the settings in the picture below and click "OK".

You're movie should split into 100MB archives ready for upload to RapidShare.

Well, you've come to the end of my longest tutorial yet on P2P Heaven. I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to visit us again sometime!

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